Unlock the Door to the Subconscious Mind

One powerful way to access the subconscious mind is through music with subliminal affirmations. The affirmations are intended to be positive messages. Subliminal messages are spoken affirmations on a CD that are there, but you can’t hear them. They are recorded below or above the level of hearing and are masked by the sound of the music.

We have 2 examples for you to listen to.

In the first example, you will hear my son, Will Carne, read Shakespeare’s beautiful sonnet, Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? I will simultaneously read seven affirmations. You will hear Will’s voice clearly and you will just be able to hear me.


In the second example, you will no longer hear the affirmations. My voice is inaudible, and an additional track has been added with nature sounds.


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