Turn That Up! – Turn That Down!


Here we explore two ingredients of music or sound called consonance and dissonance. With consonance and dissonance we get to the root of how sound affects us at a cellular level.



For the first example of consonance I use two tuning forks tuned to 222 Hz and 444 Hz.

The combination of these two sounds makes it very easy to listen to. As far as the healing aspects of this sound, it is this 2 to 1 ratio that matters. Refer back to the book and notice how even and balanced the waveforms are. This balance is stimulated in the body as the sound moves through it.

Listen to the sound, and then take a few minutes to record your response in your journal.



Dissonance means sounding disharmonious or a disagreeable sound.

Referring back to Figure 2.8, you can see how the loud soft, loud soft creates the beats or wavering in the sound.

Some people are a little shaken up by the dissonance and some people love it! Such is the nature of our individual response to sound.

After listening to the sound, I encourage you to record your response in your journal.


The Perfect Fifth

Because the sound of the perfect fifth tuning forks is so beneficial, we have made a five minute track of this sound for you to listen to, or to download so that you can play it whenever you need to.


Download the Perfect Fifth forks