The Body’s Natural Voice


Toning is a word used to describe a vocalized sound without using words. Toning is the natural voice of the body. It comes from the body rather than the mind. We make these sounds all the time. We just don’t call it toning.


A sigh is one of the body’s natural ways to release negative energy or pent up emotion it no longer wants to hang on to. A sigh is more socially acceptable in Western society than moans and groans for example, which are often discouraged. Moans and groans are also part of the body’s natural healing response. Ouch! is another natural sound that comes from the body. The next time you stub your toe, try not to say anything. You will find that it hurts a lot more.


Sacred Vowel Chart


Download the Sacred Vowel Chart

Many of our workshop participants have told us that they like to keep a copy on the fridge.

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For those who are new to toning, I have created a short track as an introduction, where you will hear the sounds for each of the Chakras. You will hear how to warm-up the voice, and what the siren sounds like, for those who have forgotten their childhood.



Download the Chakra toning


In order to remove any energy that may have been released by the toning, I will often tone three oms with the intention that the sound assist this negative energy to move on to its next level of existence harmlessly and to express thanks.

You can use this sound alone, or add your voice to mine to clear the space.



Download the 3 oms



Please remember, after any of the exercises to make sure that you are grounded before attempting to do anything that requires your concentration like driving or operating machinery of any kind.