Bonus Downloads


Daily Serenity

Daily Serenity is an 11 and ½ minute track I recorded in February, 2010 to help you create peace of mind. It includes a track of the classical guitar repeating all of the tones for the chakras, to clear and balance the listener’s chakra system. Also included is a track of native flute. In the background you will hear a gentle brook and birds singing. The guitar and flute are tuned to A432 Hz instead of the usual A440. The frequency of 432 Hz. is a multiple of the frequency of the earth. Many people find this recording grounding, calming, focusing and ‘ahhhh, that feels better.’



As of this writing, November 3, 2009, Calgary and probably many other communities are inundated with frequencies of illness and fear. “Reset” is offered with the intent to reset each listener’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and connection.

If this talk of fear and anger has upset you, please take a deep breath and release it slowly. There is good news. Music and sound has been shown in scientific studies to lower the levels of cortisol in 10 minutes. Ten minutes!! That is strengthening to the immune system.

As a response to all this fear in the air in Calgary, I created a track to offer with this newsletter. The track is called “Reset.” It is 12 minutes and 39 seconds long. My intention in creating this sound is to allow people to ‘reset’ their body, mind, emotions and spirit to a higher vibration (and stronger immune system). If this appeals to you, try listening a few times. See if it makes a difference in how you feel.